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"Collaboration involves joint goals and a reliance on each other to accomplish the goal" according to Adrianna Kezar and Jaime Lester, authors of Organizing Higher Education for Collaboration. Collaboration is necessary when the undertaking is too big or complex for one person or group to do alone. Examine the role of collaboration in undergraduate education, graduate education, research and creative activity and service to community and state in the context of the overarching goal of becoming an emerging research university with an unparalleled commitment to student success, closing gaps in achievement and delivering a robust campus experience. Through that examination, propose university-wide goals as well as the actions needed to achieve those goals. Attention should also be paid to promoting efficiency and effectiveness.  Include time frames for expected attainment of goals and actions, proposed assessment and targets for goals, and estimates of human, physical and financial resources required.


  • Carla Berkich, Facilitator
  • Corinne Valadez, Faculty Co-Chair
  • Cely Smart, Staff Co-Chair